Thursday, August 4, 2011

P.E.B’s Hologram 3D Sound

 P.E.B’s Hologram 3D Sound

Using Phase shifting and time delay, all the tracks on
Tech Nolo G  have P.E.B’s  'Hologram' 3D sound !
This means that certain instruments,  sounds,  and voices will appear to come from above,  and  behind you,  to the extreme left and right; Even if you are listening with only two  speakers!
                                   In a car, the experience is awesome as the sounds will fly around  and seem to not come directly from the speakers!   And,  even on a boom box the sounds will be wider than the speakers and you will still get the 3D effect!   

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thanks Fans!

              A Big Thank you to all my fans! 

Thanks for buying my latest album!
Tech Nolo G  Don't forget to check my
For updates & more free tracks!
PUMP THAT BASS!!!     Cheers!   P.E.B.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Stop The Music

When TechmasterPEB released the cassette tape version of Bass computer, there was a silent spot on one side of the tape which he filled with a short track called DSTM or “Don't stop the music”. The fans who bought the cassette version wanted to hear more and the fan mail poured in.
“The great thing about the story of that track is ; The original was something I created Just to make the sides of 'Bass Computer' The cassette version even!! I didn't want the sides to be uneven, so when your 'auto reverse' car stereo flipped to the other side you had to forward past silence- or rewind to the start of side one!!!! I haven't played that version for a long time but I believe the cassette version was quite short- not a full length track, but the fans wrote in & begged me to do a full length version , so there are now three versions on my various P.E.B. albums!!! ( My favorite is on SuburbanX !) ” ~TechmasterPEB
Don't stop the music became a calling card of sorts for TechmasterPEB. Following albums had various, full-length versions of DSTM. The hit became a signature, a sort of shout out to the fans who had been there since the beginning. At the time, TechmasterPEB was unaware that this shout out would become a mantra for his return.

As a tribute to TechmasterPEB, one fan created a Myspace page that has kept the music going. The first paragraph on this Myspace page reads:
“I would first like to establish that this is NOT Techmaster P.E.B. However, being that there are no official sites, I hope this will become the place where Techmaster P.E.B. fans can come to get information, share stories, and express their feelings on Techmaster P.E.B and his music.”
This Myspace page has filled the silent spot before the launch of the official TechmasterPEB website. We would like to thank this particular fan. Your efforts and devotion are what “don't stop the music” is all about.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Touch it, Feel it, Hear it

Got Bass?  You do now.  Now you can get a copy of the actual CD.  Touch it, Feel it, Hear it.  The lastest album From Techmaster P.E.B. is called Tech Nolo G and is available at

All the songs have been available for download on and but if you want to get your hands on a physical CD, you can pick up your very own copy of Tech Nolo G to add to your collection.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feel the bass

Feel the bass
Playing MP3 files on your car audio system is like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich off of your finest china. MP3 files are simply low-quality, condensed representations of a real song and should be reserved for pocket-sized players and ear buds.

The audible frequency range is roughly 20 to 20,000 hertz. There are frequencies below 20 hertz that you can “Feel” even though you can't hear them. This is what TechmasterPEB is talking about when he says “Ultra-Low Bass”. MP3 files discard these frequencies because you can't hear them anyway. Which is fine for the little mp3 players that you listen to with headphones. You can't “feel” the bass in your ears, you feel it in your chest.

If you want to actually “feel” the music as it was originally intended, you need the high quality sound file. High-quality audio systems deserve high-quality sound files. This is what the car audio music genre is all about. It's about feeling the bass.

MP3 files are ideally suited for internet downloads and MP3 players because of their compact size. The small size is a result of the compression algorithm that discards the low and high frequencies. MP3's are considered a “Lossy” compressed file. Which means that a considerable amount of the original data was a “loss”.

With today's broadband connections, file size is less of an issue. The larger AIF file might take longer to download but it's well worth the extra time because none of the data is lost. That means that all of the ultra-low bass and sparkling highs remain in tact and the track can be enjoyed as it was originally intended. Not just heard but also felt.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New album available

My new album, Tech Nolo G, is available on This is my best work yet.
We will be having specials available on the official site (free tracks, bonus tracks, bass tests, etc.)
My site should be fully functional next week, but if you want the new C.D.  right now, you can pick up a copy at -


Techmaster P.E.B. Goes online

The pioneer of the car audio music genre is now setting his sights on the world wide web.
TechMasterPEB is bringing his unique styling to the internet in a way that has never been done before. Prepare your eyes and ears as TechmasterPEB unleashes his creativity in a forum that has no limitations. Get your woofers ready and make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle the return of the undisputed King of Bass. Classic Techno is going modern and taking it to a whole new level.

Techmaster PEB took the sound of Miami bass from the club to the streets, carving out the car audio music genre. Now, he's taking ultra-low bass to a new stage and testing the limits of woofers around the world.