Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Stop The Music

When TechmasterPEB released the cassette tape version of Bass computer, there was a silent spot on one side of the tape which he filled with a short track called DSTM or “Don't stop the music”. The fans who bought the cassette version wanted to hear more and the fan mail poured in.
“The great thing about the story of that track is ; The original was something I created Just to make the sides of 'Bass Computer' The cassette version even!! I didn't want the sides to be uneven, so when your 'auto reverse' car stereo flipped to the other side you had to forward past silence- or rewind to the start of side one!!!! I haven't played that version for a long time but I believe the cassette version was quite short- not a full length track, but the fans wrote in & begged me to do a full length version , so there are now three versions on my various P.E.B. albums!!! ( My favorite is on SuburbanX !) ” ~TechmasterPEB
Don't stop the music became a calling card of sorts for TechmasterPEB. Following albums had various, full-length versions of DSTM. The hit became a signature, a sort of shout out to the fans who had been there since the beginning. At the time, TechmasterPEB was unaware that this shout out would become a mantra for his return.

As a tribute to TechmasterPEB, one fan created a Myspace page that has kept the music going. The first paragraph on this Myspace page reads:
“I would first like to establish that this is NOT Techmaster P.E.B. However, being that there are no official sites, I hope this will become the place where Techmaster P.E.B. fans can come to get information, share stories, and express their feelings on Techmaster P.E.B and his music.”
This Myspace page has filled the silent spot before the launch of the official TechmasterPEB website. We would like to thank this particular fan. Your efforts and devotion are what “don't stop the music” is all about.


  1. I still have my cassette version of Bass Computer and DSTM was one of the tracks I played over and over again. It was also one of those tracks I would play to get the mood right when I had visitors if you know what I mean. ;-)

    On another note, the new CD is awesome. The wait was worth it, you are once again pushing my subs to the limit. Welcome back.

  2. Pat,
    I still rock my cassette of It Came From Outer Bass. Nice to see you back with a new album!

    -Bill G

  3. You are welcome! I'm glad the Myspace page helped bring fans back together again. I really am so happy that Surburan X finally was released, but followed by an all new album! It is everything a fan could wish for. Thank you so much for everything. As long as the music doesn't stop playing. We won't stop listening.

    -Tom H